"Any time you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don't, then you are wasting your time on Earth."

Roberto Clemente

A Message From Clarence Carlos, Founder of RC21X

I started RC21X as the result of a tragedy. A young man named Kyle Wilson, the son of my close friend, suddenly fell ill. After being rushed to the hospital, the illness went un-diagnosed because the medical staff—despite all obvious signs—could not produce a measurement for the changes in Kyle. Sending Kyle away based on what they could measure and missing what was really happening resulted in this young man passing away. 

Kyle's death could have been avoided. If the staff had access to objective measures of his performance, they could have kept him under observation to delve further into his condition. I attended Kyle’s funeral, and it changed my life. After seeing the raw emotion of his family and friends, I vowed to discover and make available to everyone measures of human performance that could be used universally.

In partnership with the Clemente Family and the University of Texas at Arlington we have developed THE standard for measuring and assessing human performance.

—Clarence W. Carlos II

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Our Team

Mark Cavicchia, CDO

Clarence Carlos

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Mark Cavicchia, CDO

Mark Cavicchia

Chief Operating Officer, Co-founder

Paul Nussbaum, Ph.D. ABPP

Dr. Paul Nussbaum

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. George Kondraske

Dr. George Kondraske

Chief Scientific Officer

Paul Chirgott, General Counsel

Paul Chirgott

General Counsel, Co-founder

Mike Hauser, Vice President of School & Youth Programs

Mike Hauser

VP of School & Youth Programs, Co-founder

Gus Frerotte, SVP Business Development, 15-year NFL veteran

Gus Frerotte

SVP, Business Development

Roberto Clemente, Jr., Brand Ambassador

Roberto Clemente, Jr.

Brand Ambassador

Chris Fletcher, CMO

Chris Fletcher

Chief Marketing Officer

Teri Schulman

Teri Shulman

Business Development

Dean Dalton

Dean Dalton

Business Development

Tom Moore, VP of Internet Technology

Tom Moore

VP, Information Technology

Dan Baumann, Employee & Sports Performance Specialist

Dan Bauman

Employee & Sports Performance Specialist